Criminal Gangs Target Rich and Famous

As the cost-of-living crisis continues to rise, it is predicted that criminal gangs will become even more determined!

Firstly, nobody should have to compromise their lifestyle or live in fear. The purpose of this article is not to scare anyone but to simply draw attention to what is happening, as well as to raise awareness. We hope you can benefit from this 10-minute read as we cover the basics. It might help prevent you from falling victim to dangerous and organised criminal gangs hell-bent on taking what they can.

If you live a luxurious lifestyle or are considered high-risk, then continue reading. Even if you feel you’re not high-risk, this article can still benefit you too!

High-Net-Worth Individuals, Families, Rich and Famous Being Targeted

It will come as no surprise that highly successful business owners, high-net-worth individuals, families, celebrities, and public figures are prime targets for criminal gangs. Astonishingly though, people are shocked when they discover the lengths criminals are going to. Recently, there have been many high-profile cases of footballers and celebrities being targeted, where organized criminal gangs have carefully planned their crimes too great length.

However, there are many examples that don’t make the headlines, and this is what Bespoke Britannia is spreading awareness of. Criminal gangs that target vulnerable and unsuspecting victims.


You just need to search on Google to find many articles on the subject. However, here are just a few we found:

Criminal Gangs Target Rich and Famous

The Danger of Modern-Day Criminal Organisations

Today we draw your attention to an alarming rise of well-organised criminal gangs. We’re not talking about the random opportunist thief or local hoodlum trying to jump a fence to pinch a bike. We’re talking about the type of criminal that would stop at nothing and stalk their victims carefully. They’ve seen the expensive jewellery, the expensive cars, they know the victim likes fine vintage wines, collectable art, expensive clothes or gadgets, and they know the whereabouts and routines of those they pray on.

Organised crime against wealthy people is on the rise. Often these victims have limited to no security protection whatsoever. Therefore, it has become all too easy for criminals to plan elaborate robberies where they get away with thousands with very little risk of getting caught.

Is There Such a Thing as Intelligent Criminals?

Let’s not underestimate the situation. Criminals want to maximise their opportunities and reduce the risks. Therefore, these criminal gangs are becoming a lot more attentive and resourceful. Additionally, they are very elusive and difficult for the police to apprehend.

Criminal Gangs Target Rich and Famous

Today’s criminals have access to so much technology and they are certainly using it.

From the internet, they can often get detailed floor plans and information about a property. Google maps can be used to scope out the area. Furthermore, a drone could be used to fly over areas to scope out security and note where cameras might be located. They can see where the best access points are and note where expensive items are located. Even how to plan their exit precisely to the second, all while keeping a watchful eye live from the sky for any pursuing police or security.

Additionally, criminals can know the occupant’s whereabouts and daily routines by tracking devices, cyber hacking, and social media. All this accessible intelligence-gathering used by criminals is to the detriment of the victims. The criminal can minimise their risks and maximise their reward.

You may think it sounds like a lot of work and way too elaborate for a criminal. However, we aren’t talking about your average joe. This is a new era for a career criminal or criminal gang that can make thousands.

It’s a dangerously brazen era!

Why would a criminal gang risk robbing a bank, when it’s easier to walk through the front door of a wealthy millionaire’s home and take whatever they want…. AND with little risk of getting caught too!

It’s Become Attractive for International Gangs too

Criminal gangs aren’t just from the UK, they are travelling here from all over the world. It has become international. Known as ‘Burglary Tourism’, it is where criminal gangs specifically travel to the UK to target pre-selected homes, high-profile individuals, families, or businesses. They can gather information prior to getting to the UK, they arrive, commit their crimes, and disappear without a trace. Taking with them valuable assets that quickly disappear out of the UK and into the underworld. Consequently, making the stolen assets and the criminals almost impossible to find.

Daylight and Public Places Offer little Protection

Things happen quickly and a victim can lose thousands within seconds. Expensive cars, jewellery and watches are being stolen from people in broad daylight and in public places. Often these criminals are violent towards anyone brave enough to try to stop them. They simply don’t care and will do anything to avoid getting apprehended. Violent assaults and stabbings are common, and people have even lost their lives.

Stalking WEALTHY shoppers

In some cases, shoppers who have been purchasing expensive items have been tracked and later robbed. These victims have been followed back to their homes, where the criminals have then entered the property and taken valuable items, fine art, collectors’ items, personal belongings, bank details and valuable information used for identity theft.

How Big Is the Problem?

According to official data, the number of violent robberies and theft offences in the UK has seen a significant rise over the years. Crime throughout Covid lockdowns was reduced but 2022 has seen a staggering rise. Specific to London, the overall crime rate in 2021 was 87 crimes per 1,000 people. Compared with the UK, London’s crime rate was 9% worse than the UK average of 79.52 per 1,000 people. ( Source – )

Evidentially, it was the wealthiest and most affluent areas that were targeted the most. Out of all of London’s boroughs, Westminster is the most dangerous. Followed by Kensington and Chelsea, and Camden comes in as the third most dangerous.

It has been widely reported by officials and within the national press, that the rise in crime can be linked to escalating demand for drugs and the cost-of-living crisis. Subsequently, it is predicted that this could fuel criminal gangs to become even more organised and determined. Especially, if they aren’t getting caught and the opportunity is so inviting for them!

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Are you at risk and is there anything you can do to tighten your security? Here we share some basic advice to raise awareness. Being aware and taking some small precautions is the first step, it could make all the difference in protecting yourself, your family and your home.

  1. Acknowledge it could happen to you.
  2. Review your current security and consult with a professional if needed.
  3. Run through some worst-case scenarios and consider whether you are at risk. Get a professional risk assessment
  4. Be proactive and ensure you have good security measures in place to help mitigate the risks. A visible security alarm system, cameras and security lights are a deterrent. Have you considered the benefits of a drone for security?
  5. Dogs are great for personal security and property security. A deterrent to intruders and natural alarm.
  6. Secure the property whenever you leave. Keeping all windows, doors and gates locked. Anything that is open is too inviting.
  7. Windows and doors should be fitted with secure locks.
  8. Keep fences around the garden perimeters in good secure condition.
  9. If possible, it’s good to know your neighbours and be aligned in looking out for each other. A neighbourhood watch group isn’t a bad thing.
  10. Keep valuables locked up, hidden, or attached to a firm object. Bikes and cars are stored in a garage, out of sight or covered.
  11. Ensure keys or valuables are not in plain sight through the window.
  12. Avoid leaving out a ladder or other tools that could aid criminals.
  13. Don’t publicly shout about going on holiday or post about it on social media. Also, if you have a regular routine, then keep that low profile too.
  14. Have automated room lights come on when you are away.
  15. Never open the door or gates to someone you don’t know.
  16. Be vigilant when arriving at the property. Are there any signs of someone’s presence such as an opened door, or gate, or the security lights are already on? Have you been followed?
  17. Don’t throw personal information in the bin. Make sure it is shredded and unreadable.
  18. Ensure all household staff are fully vetted and trusted before you employ them. Only allow reputable, trusted, and certified trade professionals to enter your home, and by scheduled appointment only. Always be present or have someone present to oversee no wrongdoing or suspicious activity.
  19. Don’t allow yourself to become an easy target by putting yourself in vulnerable positions when out and about. Cover up any visibly expensive items until you are in a safe zone. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to consider close protection and having a personal security driver.
  20. Know the whereabouts of your family and let them know your whereabouts too.
  21. Consider a private residential security team.


As professionals that specialise in high-level security and protection, it is our business to mitigate the risks to our clients. If you are a high risk then we would recommend you get professional advice or take advantage of our Risk Assessment service. Our Risk Assessment service identifies threats and dangers, and provides solutions to help mitigate them.



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