Cost effective solution that delivers precision analytical data, 24/7 rapid response, broad coverage and automated patrols.


Nobody should live in fear or compromise their lifestyle because of potential threats of danger. Ensure you have the best security measures in place to mitigate risk. A drone has become a very effective and an essential tool for improving safety, especially in rural settings. On this page we cover in depth the main reasons your security and protection can be significantly improved by utilising a security drone.


The most hardened security infrastructure will be achieved when traditional security measures are combined with sophisticated modern technology. Most noteworthy, when security services are bespoke for precise client requirements and managed by security specialists.

Contact Bespoke Britannia to get a risk assessment and peace of mind that you’ll get the ultimate security protection. Our clients benefit from a dedicated onsite or remote security team, which can include residential patrol officers, close protection bodyguards, counter-surveillance, security drivers and expert management.

Combining modern traditional security with advanced technology for optimum 24/7 protection.



Drone technology has evolved significantly in their capabilities, performance, and precise analytical ability. So, what is the difference between a standard recreational drone and a top-quality drone for security purposes?

At the lower end of the market are drones that are used for fun and recreational purposes. These can be very good quality and hi-tech enough to be used for some commercial purposes, including photography and filming. However, compared to a high-end drone used for security purposes, it bears no comparison.

A high-end security surveillance drone would provide maximum range, endurance, and performance. Most importantly, it would be specifically developed and designed to include advanced features perfect for security.

  • HD camera with high zoom capabilities
  • High precision thermal camera for excellent night vision
  • Live video feed and data input
  • Smart aerial monitoring and remote tracking
  • Long distance range
  • High speed
  • Hover accuracy
  • Automated surveillance
  • 24/7 autonomous response deployment system
  • Intelligent machine learning and mapping
  • Important recovery system
  • High accuracy identification
  • Self-sustaining base with fast charging
  • Maximum flight time and battery life
  • All weather protection including waterproof and wind resistance
  • Onboard sensors (distance sensors, chemical sensors, stabilization, orientation sensors, obstacle sensory range etc)
  • Optimum flight performance for high altitude projects
  • Robust and less subject to interference
  • Powerful analytics
  • Programmable
  • Encrypted radio communication and backup
  • Lights and loud sounding alarm
  • Global positioning system (GPS)
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)


Using a high-tech drone system for counter-surveillance and security has become essential for many families who have large properties, estates or family businesses to securely protect. Especially for those that require sophisticated real time monitoring, surveillance, and a rapid response.

Drones aren’t new to the security industry either. In fact, drones have been used for security and as a surveillance tool for years. It’s just become a lot more advanced and effective in recent years. Additionally, it has become very cost effective and a far less intrusive solution too.


Adding a drone to your security is a sure way to enhance the protection of you, your family, and assets. Here is why:


1.     Remote Patrols: A drone can be scheduled to patrol a vast area very quickly. They can be manually operated or triggered into response too. Drones save time, money, and resources. Therefore, it is less tedious and more efficient than regular foot patrols. It is safer too!

2.     Wide Coverage and Smart Eyes: Having the flexibility to capture all angles from an aerial view provides a significant advantage over stationary ground level cameras. There are no blind spots. Furthermore, a drone will cover a vast area and is not restricted by the terrain. It has the capability to fly rapidly overhead to the area of potential danger.

3.     Precise Analytical Data: By closely monitoring through high-quality images and real time video footage, the security operator will receive actionable insights. Therefore, making more informed decisions and acting faster to actual incidents.

4.     Rapid and Instant Response 24/7: Speed is critical and is another advantage point we must mention. The speed in which a drone can get to a scene is often several times quicker than a patrol vehicle or security officer.

The rapid speed from the drone provides quick access and investigation of the incident zone. Subsequently, this provides the security operator with vital insights to provide a remedial solution and a physical response team if necessary.

Advanced 24/7 technology also allows for drones to be automatically triggered in response to potential dangers and suspicious activity.

5.     Preventative and Deterrence: A drone can be an effective deterrent to potential intruders by drawing significant attention to them. The drone can sound an alarm or activate an alarm system. As well as shine a bright spot-light onto the intruder, leaving no place to hide.

6.     Remote Tracking: Another great feature is that a drone can track the fleeing individual(s) in real-time and provide accurate data back to the security control team to respond accordingly. Furthermore, to assist the police in apprehending the intruder(s).

7.     Safer in Dangerous Situations: A drone adds a significant level of protection and reduces the dangers to staff. A major advantage is to be able to get up close to any hostile and dangerous situations quickly. To assess the level of danger and make informed decisions without putting themselves in unnecessary danger. Therefore, security can take decisive action, avoiding any nasty or life-threatening surprises. A drone can also provide crucial live input to those attending the scene, keeping the team safe until the situation is fully under control. The safety of the client and security team is paramount.

8.     Decreet Stealth Factor: It can be essential for surveillance to be discreet, therefore a drone needs to be quiet. It must have minimal noise when in-flight and be in stealth mode whilst sending data back to a security team.

9.     High Tech: High-tech features on the drone such as quality camera filming (day and night), extensive zoom capability, night vision, heat detection, and recording from high up is essential. However, with smart machine learning and AI technology, drones can be programmed to identify dangerous objects that pose a threat, can identify anomalous behavior, and have high accuracy identification. As well as, high accuracy mapping, giving input on structural changes, distance, encrypted radio communication and more. It can even provide data on the weather conditions and detect smells.

10.  Less Intrusive: Having multiple cameras recording and monitoring 24/7 can feel overwhelming and intrusive. Therefore, a discreet security system is a popular option for many. A drone can help limit the number of cameras required.

11.  Asset Protection: Surveillance is crucial in protecting against the theft of expensive and valuable assets. The advanced features of a high-quality drone not only act as a deterrent to potential thieves, it can effectively help stop a robbery in action and help catch fleeing criminals to recover any items taken from the property.

12.  Monitor other safety aspects: A drone is beneficial not only for security but in identifying other hazards such as fires, floods, accidents, or other potential dangers.

Cyber Security Technology



A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle which is remotely controlled. It can also be referred to as Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), Unmanned Air System (UAS) or a Radio-Controlled Aircraft.

Drones are of different types, shapes, sizes and are used for a variety of purposes. However, all share the similar characteristic that the person responsible for piloting the aircraft is not onboard it. The person in charge of the drone is known as the operator or remote pilot.


It was the military sector that first used drones over 100 years ago. They were used for intelligence gathering, aerial surveillance, search and rescue, artillery spotting, target following, battlefield assessment and more.

Over the years drones have become increasingly popular across many industries. Helping to improve safety and efficiency, drones have become essential for the police, search and rescue services, events, monitoring traffic, infrastructure, and of course the security industry too.

Additionally, drones have become popular with thousands of people for recreational use. However, this did cause some serious debate and negative press due to the misuse, privacy, and safety concerns when operated by a novice.

Most concerningly, drones have been used specifically by criminals and terrorists, risking public safety and dangers of those most vulnerable of being targeted (royalty, celebrities, VIPs, high-net worth individuals, estates and businesses).


The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the corporation which oversees and regulates all aspects of civil aviation in the United Kingdom. It has an important role in helping to improve all aviation standards including drone usage.

The CAA introduced the Dronecode, a summary of the rules for flying a drone. As well as different regulations and requirement of licenses and training based on the type of use. More information of this can be found on the official CAA website.

With the increased demands and diverse range of usage, plus the regulations and development from the CAA (and other corporations), the industry has sucessfully evolved.



The long-term benefits of utilizing a drone greatly outweigh the initial costs. The following are the primary reasons why a drone is a cost-effective way to improve any security system.



Counter-surveillance is a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, when protecting an asset. The more security staff required, the more the client has to spend. A drone can save time and reduce the amount of physical security labour required.



CCTV high-quality camera systems are not cheap and mainly static. A drone combined with only essential traditional cameras will save money.



A drone has features such as automated mapping. When compared to other traditional methods of aerial imaging (satellite / helicopter), a drone is significantly cheaper.



From our offices in Mayfair, London, Bespoke Britannia deliver strategic advice, intelligence–gathering operations and conduct complex, cross–border investigations, to protect our clients’ interests. We cover all aspects of security including close protection, residential security, counter-surveillance, asset protection, infrastructure and logistics, as well as use modern and sophisticated security technology.

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